Top 5 Cities to Discover for Your Next Custom Program

There are many international cities that get lots of love from travelers and study abroad programs alike. But there are also so many other destinations with great merits. Choose to take the path less traveled for a more unique and memorable study abroad experience–your students will thank you later! Here are ISA Custom Programs' top 5 cities to discover for your next Custom Program.

Buenos Aires

With a mixture of rich Latin American culture and distinct European influences, Buenos Aires is a bustling capital with passionate Porteños and diverse neighborhoods. Italian, French and Spanish eclectic overtones can be seen throughout the city’s architecture, while the vivid, colorful barrio of La Boca offers a visual splendor as vibrant as its history. The city is the financial, commercial and governmental hub of Argentina, making it a perfect location for business and political science courses. As the largest Spanish speaking country in South America, students studying Spanish will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rioplatense dialect (and maybe even pick up the unique accent). ISA’s extensive network of professionals, professors, and business partners, as well as our amazing on-site staff, will ensure that programs visiting the city will have an enriching academic and cultural experience.


Brussels‘ history of Roman, French, German and Dutch influence makes it a charming cosmopolitan city. Brussels is the perfect example of a global society that has managed to retain its own distinct personality. Downtown you will find quaint alleys lined with picturesque restaurants, delicious sweets shops, boutiques, and cafés galore. Sample some of the best seafood around from a stand on the sidewalk, taste incredible waffles world famous chocolate at the sweets shops, or sit at a cafe on the Grand Place and people watch as you sip a rich and flavorful coffee. Home to the European Union, the UN, the European Parliament and NATO, students in Brussels are at the heart of international affairs. Brussels is also great fit for programs focused on international business, education, and food science due to these thriving industries.


Amman is a millennia-old Middle Eastern metropolis built on a series of hills and valleys. Steeped in history, the city boasts many historical monuments in the Amman Citadel such as the Temple of Hercules and the Roman Amphitheater. As the capital of Jordan, the city is a hub for culture, education, business, and tourism. With such a unique blend of traditional and modern elements, there are many facets of Jordanian culture to experience. This complex social atmosphere makes Amman an ideal location for Middle Eastern Studies and Gender/Women’s Studies. Programs visiting the city will be able to take advantage of the extensive ISA network of guest lecturers, business partners, administrative contacts, and service-learning opportunities. For those wishing to experience the Middle East, Amman is an ideal location thanks to its safety, historical sites, and large English-speaking population.


Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, and not only is it considered the cultural hub of the country, but it is also a major commercial, economic, and political center with unparalleled natural beauty. The city’s proximity to the Balkans and Anatolia make it the perfect location for courses interested in international relations and political science, while courses focusing on economics and finance will find Thessaloniki as the perfect case-study in light of the recent Greek and European economic crises. Programs visiting the city will be able to take advantage of the extensive ISA network of guest lecturers, business partners and administrative contacts, providing students with a truly hands-on, academic experience. Despite its numerous appealing qualities, it’s Thessaloniki’s unique culture and diverse population that have attracted migrants and visitors alike, making it a gateway between Eastern and Western cultures.


Berlin is a dynamic, multicultural city that boasts a rich and dramatic past spanning many centuries. Berlin’s combo of glamour and grit is sure to charm those looking to explore its vibrant culture, contemporary architecture, and bon vivant attitude. Students enjoy a spectacular diversity of cultural offerings featuring museums and world-renowned orchestras, opera houses, and theaters. Berlin is the perfect site for programs focusing on European History, particularly due to its pivotal role in both World Wars and the Cold War in the 20th century. Berlin is also the center of innovative urban development and a hub of business starts-ups, and the city is well-known for its environmental sustainability efforts, and thriving contemporary arts scene. Berlin features a first-class public transportation network, plus convenient access to various destinations throughout Europe, which makes this an easy choice for traveling multi-city programs.

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