Full-Time Resident Directors

Each ISA program site has at least one full-time Resident Director, and a majority of sites also have full-time support staff to assist students. Resident Directors provide  guidance and advice to students and faculty about health and safety on-site prior to departure. While abroad, the faculty member and ISA Resident Director will troubleshoot any potential problems and manage day-to-day program operations.

All of our Resident Directors are either natives of the host country or have lived there for an extensive period of time, enabling them to build and maintain relationships with universities and vendors in the host city. ISA Custom Programs are encouraged to take advantage of RD knowledge and expertise.

Resident Directors' on-site responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging student housing, including student placement with host families if applicable
  • Meeting your group at the airport on the date/time specified by ISA
  • Conducting an on-site orientation
  • Supporting participants’ cultural adjustment and communicating cultural norms
  • Communicating and enforcing program policies
  • Providing guidelines for daily living
  • Assisting with physical or mental health issues of participants
  • Communicating excursion details before and during excursions
  • Accompanying the group on excursions (some exceptions)
  • Academic support including:
    • Coordinating classes taught through ISA
    • Monitoring student progress in classes
    • Being available during daily office hours
    • Collaborating with the faculty leader to address unforeseen situations that arise.