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ISA understands the need for effective marketing to recruit students for your study abroad program. There are lots of ways you can promote your program on campus, and below are a few suggestions that have worked well for faculty leaders in the past. Please do not hesitate to contact your Custom Program Manager for more information or to discuss other ideas.

On-Campus Suggestions

  • Start by talking with the study abroad office on your campus, as they will often have some helpful hints or other resources to aid you.
  • Organize a themed event on campus. For example: show an Argentinean film and offer regional treats for those who attend to promote your course in Buenos Aires.
  • Host a Q & A panel of past study abroad participants and international students from the host country (if possible).
  • Create a short article about the program, highlighting important information (including location, dates, price, academics and activities), and post it in as many places as possible. Some suggestions include:
    • Student and local newspapers
    • Faculty newsletters
    • Websites (school and/or department)
    • Student and local radio stations
    • School-affiliated Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or other social-networking platforms
    • University email lists
    • Any internal file-sharing sites for students & faculty (i.e. Moodle)
  • Set up an informational booth next to the cafeteria during lunch hours (make sure to check with your school first).
  • Advertise program information on campus banners or signs.
  • Work with your on-campus bookstore to promote guidebooks to the country or region where your program is located.

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As a complimentary service, the ISA Graphics department will design a program poster for your program.

All posters are created first as text-only documents. Once you approve the text, ISA Graphics will design a poster based on text and graphic standards of your choice. Please forward to your Custom Program Manager any guidelines for use of colors or logos on your posters.

Once you receive the final PDF of the poster and approve it, ISA will print and send 25 complimentary full-color, printed copies to you.  You are free to distribute these hard copies and the electronic PDF as you see fit.

Please note: The ISA Graphics department requires at least ten business days to create posters.

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Regional Directors

  • Fairs - Your University and Others
  • Information Tables
  • Presentations: Classes and Organizations

To help you promote your program to classes and organizations ISA may send representatives to your campus. Typically, classes with a focus similar to that of your program are great places to begin recruiting. Please talk with your Custom Program Manager about this option.

You might also consider scheduling an informational meeting on campus about the program. Offering food and showing photo slideshows are always a good way to boost interest. You can also set up a time to talk briefly with special subject courses related to your program, e.g. language, anthropology, or international relations courses. It’s helpful to bring a handout with program details to leave behind, and our Representatives may be able to attend or lead the informational meetings.

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Region I

AK, ID, OR, WA - Adam Lazor & Nikki Hemingway


Region II

AZ, CO, WY - Beth Calvert
KS, MT, NE, NM, UT - Megan Fulmer


Region III

AR, LA, OK - Candace Stephens

TX - Kaycee Sebree


Region IV

IA, MO - Walt Lengel

MN, ND, SD - Casey Sprau


Region V

IL, MI, WI - Kelsey Monroe

WI - Casey Sprau


Region VI

IN, OH - Abby Miller

KY - Nick Zappitelli, Patrick Barker


Region VII

AL, MS, TN - Jessica Penny

FL - Caroline Ickes

GA, NC, SC - Erin Gant


Region VIII

DE, DC, MD, VA - Katharine Frantes
PA - Ashley Tobin

WV - Caroline Ickes


Region X

NY - Ashley Tobin, Beth Calvert

NJ - Beth Calvert


Region XI

CT, ME, MA, NH, RI - Andrea Haynes

VT - Ashley Tobin


Region XII

HI, NV, N. CA - Adam Lazor & Nikki Hemingway

S. CA - Adam Lazor, Eva Walthers, & Nikki Hemingway




Regional Marketing Opportunities with ISA

If your university is able to accept non-degree seeking students for study abroad, your program may be eligible for additional promotion off campus at nearby colleges and universities. Regional promotion by ISA representatives is an exclusive benefit for U.S. universities who partner with ISA to administer their custom programs.

Your CP manager will work closely with the ISA Communication department on all social media content and timelines.

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