Preparing for Departure

Online Orientation & Site-specific Handbook

Through the ISA Student Portal, students will have access to an online orientation that information for students preparing to study abroad. This online orientation provides information on their specific program site, such as culture, housing and transportation within their host city, health and safety, food, ISA offices and staff, etc. This information can be viewed online.

Custom Program Orientation Assistance

If you would like assistance with your on-campus pre-departure orientations, please contact your Custom Program Manager, as he or she can share helpful pre-departure resources or help present the information to your students in person or via Skype.

Final Packet

Approximately two weeks prior to departure, students will have access to a final packet which contains emergency contact names and phone numbers, students’ flight information, airport arrival instructions and contingency plan in case there is a change to the student’s planned arrival, and a basic program itinerary. The final packet provides a seamless transition between pre-departure and arrival, when our resident staff becomes their primary ISA contact.

Learn more about ISA’s Health and Safety Support.

Please note that ISA also offers 24/7 emergency phone assistance available to universities, participants, and their families in the crucial final moments of pre-departure, as well as for the duration of the program. Learn more about Stateside ISA support.