Visa Requirements

ISA program countries vary greatly in their visa requirements for students. While some program countries may require students to obtain a visa, others may allow students to stay in the country as a tourist for the duration of their program. The visa application process also varies greatly by country, but all students enrolling in a program with ISA receive detailed visa information for the host country of their chosen program through their ISA Student Portal. This information includes:

  • a country-specific description of the visa requirements
  • information about visa application process
  • a list of required documents
  • consular contact information (if applicable)

Visa Advising and Assistance

Your Custom Program Manager is trained and knowledgeable regarding the student visa process for U.S. passport-holders, and is available to advise students by phone or email. Custom Program Managers may also be able to advise students who are not citizens of the U.S. on a case-by-case basis. This advising includes:

  • answering visa-related questions
  • providing required documentation (if applicable), which may include verification of enrollment, insurance coverage, housing, or proof of payment
  • assistance scheduling appointments with consulates on students’ behalf

For specific visa requirements for U.S. citizens in ISA program countries, please refer to the U.S. State Department's web page or refer to ISA's Embassies and Consulates Resource page for foreign consulate contact information and relevant student visa requirements.

Additional Visa Support

In addition to providing general visa advising to all students, ISA can also submit visa applications on students’ behalf for some program countries, and can provide on-site visa assistance for others.


For all Spain programs that require a student visa, ISA offers an optional service to students in the jurisdictions of the Spanish consulates in Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. These consulates allow an ISA representative to submit the student visa application on the students’ behalf, saving students a trip to the consulate to apply in person. Students gather the required documentation and submit it to ISA. After reviewing each student’s application for completion and accuracy, an ISA employee travels to the consulate to submit the application. Students who choose to use this optional service pay ISA a $100 fee ($150 for the Chicago consulate).


In some countries, student visas will be obtained upon arrival rather than prior to departure. In these cases, students are advised on required documentation prior to departure; then, upon arrival, the ISA Resident Staff assist students through the visa application process.

In other countries, a student visa must be extended or a resident card must be obtained once the student is in the host country. In these situations, the ISA Resident staff facilitates this process and advises students through completion.

In the event that a students’ passport or visa is lost or stolen, ISA Resident Staff will advise and assist students to obtain a replacement as quickly as possible.