Final Student Roster Due

ISA establishes financial and enrollment deadlines in our program contract with you and your university.  These are imperative to ISA as we utilize these deadlines to begin confirming your program reservations abroad, and to gather information from you and your students as to your requirements, preferences, and detailed expectations. 

75 Days Before Departure Your Final Student Roster is Due

The final student roster is due 75 days prior to departure for all programs.  If your program has a minimum enrollment number but does not meet it by this date, you may elect to re-price the program with your Custom Program Manager to accommodate a lower number of students.  At this point, you may also choose to cancel the program witthout financial penalty. 

In the event that your program includes an Experiential Learning Abroad Program [ELAP] service-learning component, the final student roster may be due to ISA 90 days prior to departure.