Internal process at your university

Departments, Deans, and Deadlines

Most universities have specific procedures and guidelines for you to follow in order to get your course approved. Before contacting ISA, be sure to check with your on-campus point of contact who handles international education. This could be a study abroad office or departmental head or Dean. These offices will be able to direct you to the internal regulations, approval process, and deadlines for study abroad programs at your university.

Request for Proposals

Some universities will require you to submit an entry to a RFP (Request for Proposals) through a specific department or office (International Education, Provost, etc.). These can range from a document that you write solely proposing academics, or they may require that you include all logistical support, such as the proposal that ISA will provide in order to grant approval for your program abroad. Please make sure to inquire as to any internal deadlines that we all should keep in mind as we move forward.