ISA program proposal


Once your course has been approved internally at your university, an ISA Custom Program Manager will schedule a time to talk with you about your ideal program. Our initial call with you will cover your big-picture objective for the program, any specific academic components that you would like to incorporate, and important logistical details such as housing and transportation. We will also talk about the price point that you feel comfortable offering to your students, which is explained in further detail.

Program Budget

Your Custom Program Manager will use your requests to prepare a budget for your program, and confirm these with our full-time, on-site Resident Directors [RD’s] to confirm. RD’s  are an invaluable resource for arranging housing for you and your students, making group reservations, and acting as a cultural liaison both prior to and during the program. Learn more about Resident Director responsibilities.


Your Custom Program Manager will incorporate feedback from our RD’s into your Program Proposal. The proposal explains in thorough detail all of the amenities, excursions, and support services that will be included in your per-student program cost. [Here is a description of what typically makes up the per-student program cost.] ISA will send you and your study abroad office this proposal. Please feel free to share with any relevant faculty members who need to approve your program. Please note that ISA requires two to three weeks to confirm program requests on-site and finalize your Program Proposal.

After reviewing the Custom Program Proposal, you may decide that you would like to add another museum visit or an extra night on the weekend excursion, or remove a tour to reduce cost. Reassessment of program itineraries is common, and we can revise your Proposal to ensure that it meets your needs.