Laura Pierce Weldon, Associate VP of Custom Programs

Laura joined ISA in 2005 as a University Relations Representative and spent four years in this role representing ISA in Minnesota, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Iowa and Missouri. She then took on the role of Regional Director of University Relations, and for two years worked with representatives traveling throughout the U.S. In 2011, Laura transitioned into the newly created position, Director of Partnership Programs, and enjoyed the opportunity to develop innovative program models and work with universities in a new capacity. In 2012, Partnership Programs became a part of the Custom Programs division, and Laura transitioned to the role of Associate Director before becoming the Director of the department in 2014. In addition to working with universities on unique program models, Laura is excited to be the Custom Program Manager for Asia, as this is where she spent the majority of her time abroad. Laura graduated from Trinity University with a B.A. in International Politics and Chinese and spent a semester studying in Beijing. After graduating, she spent two years as an English Tutor at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, during this time accompanying study abroad groups to mainland China and England.