Sarah Kosid, Program Development Specialist, University of Kentucky

After spending most of her early childhood moving every 3 years as a product of the Marine Corps, Sarah began her adventures at a very early age. Her most recent stop was in Lexington, Kentucky where she attended the University of Kentucky and received her BA in Integrated Strategic Communications and a minor in Spanish. Her journey with ISA initiated on a semester-long program to Sevilla, Spain where she spent afternoons walking through the Plaza de España, sipping café con leche and sharpening her Spanish with the locals. While abroad, Sarah also explored countries such as France, The Netherlands and Portugal and has since returned to Europe to visit Greece and England. Upon returning to Kentucky, she joined the ISA team as a Global Ambassador, further pursuing a career in international education. In her free time, she enjoys doing anything with her golden retriever, drinking lots of coffee and watching Spanish shows to keep her language proficiency skills fresh. She is excited and feels very lucky to be a part of such a well-rounded team.