ISA Custom Programs Webinar Series

ISA Custom Programs has recorded a helpful webinar series to address questions you as a Study Abroad Office or faculy leader may have about the program development process and provide a thorough explanation of the Signature Proram model. 

Top 5 Essentials for Creating Your Custom Program

Faculty-led programs are becoming increasingly common as a cost-effective way for university students to study abroad. Custom Programs also serve as a shorter alternative study abroad experience for students who may not be ready to commit to a full semester or year-long program. ISA Custom Program Managers work hand in hand with U.S. universities to create unique international academic programs from scratch.

In this recorded video presentation, gain unfettered insight into the process of creating a Custom Program. The Custom Programs team will disclose five fundamental elements to ensure that you and your ISA Custom Program Manager can work as efficiently and effectively as possible throughout the process to run a successful program.

When and Why ISA Signature Programs are Beneficial to Universities

By working with ISA Custom Programs and Strategic Partnerships to develop a Signature Program, institutions can utilize ISA’s existing infrastructure to tailor study abroad programs for their students. ISA offers three types of program models: faculty-led, support services, and Signature Programs. A Signature Program is a re-branded existing ISA program with an institution’s name and any requested modifications.

In this recorded video presentation, Strategic Partnerships and Custom Programs discuss when and why establishing a Signature Program through ISA may be beneficial and what that process looks like.


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