ISA Specifics

Do you have any references?

Sure! Here are a few testimonials from faculty leaders, study abroad offices, and students who have worked with ISA Custom Programs.

Please contact your Regional Director for more information.

Can I opt out of using ISA staff on-site?

No. ISA requires that ISA Resident staff accompany and support your program in order to provide comprehensive support for the program. ISA Resident Directors are an incredible resources, and consistently receive glowing commendations.

How are students selected for my program?

Initial student approval must come from your university. Your university may have minimum credit hour and/or GPA requirements for students to study abroad. Once students are accepted into the program by your university, they will be counted in the final roster that is due 75 days prior to program departure.

If your program enrolls students in one of ISA’s international partner universities, students will be receiving transfer credit in addition to the credit issued by your university. Your university likely requires students to complete a transfer of credit form with approval and signatures from multiple offices on campus prior to departure.

Your university study abroad or international programs office will likely be in charge of this component of the program.

What kind of forms are you requiring my students to submit?

For registration purposes, and in order for ISA to provide comprehensive support for your program, we do require that students complete basic information and release forms within an online student portal. The student portal is customized per program, and ISA will consult with you and your university for any additional forms that may be necessary. Learn more about the Student Portal and specific ISA Custom Programs forms.

What are your disciplinary procedures?

Prior to program departure, each student participant is required to sign an ISA Code of Conduct, available for your review here.In the event of a violation of the participant code of conduct and/or other ISA policies, there will be an investigation of the circumstances and the participant[s] involved shall provide information to facilitate the investigation.

Can I go on a site visit?

Absolutely! ISA would be happy to host you in any of our program sites. An ISA site visit consists of meeting the ISA Resident staff, touring our offices, meeting a host family or touring residences, observing a class, and a detailed overview of support offered on-site by ISA. Should your program include specific elements of which you would like ISA to give you a preview, this can also be arranged per request. Learn more about ISA Site Visits.

Whom do I contact for a site visit?

Anne Fichtner

Do you hire educators to teach in any of your sites?

ISA rarely hires professors/faculty to teach abroad. American students who enroll in ISA's programs take courses at foreign universities [host universities] with which we partner. These ISA host universities handle the hiring of the faculty who teach students' courses. There are special cases, however, when ISA may be involved in hiring an educator to teach in one of our sites, but this is an exception to the rule.

ISA does, however, frequently hire staff members to work abroad, but these ISA staff members abroad typically do not teach. Instead, they handle the extracurricular components of our students' study abroad programs and act as liaisons between the students and the host university. If you are interested in this type of position, it is important that you have legal permission (i.e. visa) to work in any of our sites abroad.

Should you be interested in learning more about ISA career opportunities [either abroad or in Austin], please email

How do I learn more about what is involved with leading a faculty-led program with ISA?

The ISA Custom Programs team has put together a Faculty Handbook for program faculty leaders. You can check it out below!


CP Faculty Handbook 161024.pdf928.51 KB