How much does it cost?

ISA’s program costs are very competitive, offering an unparalleled level of support and requiring fewer outside expenses than comparable study abroad program providers.  

Due to the wide variety of services offered on a custom program, ISA determines the cost of these programs on a case-by-case basis. Should your university develop a custom program with ISA, ISA will take affiliation agreement discounts into consideration when determining the per-student program price.

Where does the money go?

FAQ Money

Is financial aid applicable?

In many cases, financial aid can be applied to your custom program. However, your university will be responsible for processing financial aid applications for students. Consult your university's study abroad office for financial aid transfer policies.

Does your program fee include my university’s tuition?

No. ISA Custom Programs will determine a per-student price for our program services and tuition and university fees will be determined by your university. ISA does, however, always include the host university’s tuition if students enroll in an ISA host university abroad.

How do students pay?

Students will pay your university, and ISA Custom Programs will invoice your university for the full program fee upon receipt of the final roster of students for your program [45 days prior to departure]. Your university will have the advantage of tuition, your students will benefit from applicable financial aid, and you will benefit from one simple, streamlined financial process.  Please contact your study abroad office for more information regarding specific financial policies.

How are faculty and staff compensated?

Your university will pay all salary and benefits to the faculty leader[s] of your program.

How do I cover my housing and travel expenses?

Your budget will most likely consist of what your university allocates per student for faculty, what the ISA program fee includes for faculty support, and what your out-of-pocket expenses will be for the program. Many universities elect to include faculty support as a group expense in the ISA per-student program price, including housing, ground transportation, and entry fees for cultural activities and academic visits. Upon request, ISA can also include a flight stipend for faculty as part of the student fee.

Do you cover student airfare?

International airfare is not included in the ISA program price, however students and faculty may book airfare individually, or your university may choose to book group airfare through a travel agent.

Should your university prefer to book group international airfare for the program, ISA has launched a partnership with STA Travel and can connect you with STA dedicated group agents for an estimate. Please note, however, that airline schedules are not released until approximately 300 days prior to the travel dates. If you are interested in working with STA Travel, or for additional information, please contact your Custom Program Manager.