Contract a local professor

ISA can work with our host universities to contract a local professor to teach a course or courses specifically for a Custom Program.

ISA can customize an existing course to meet certain contact-hour and level requirements. This type of course customization could be the main academic offering of the program, or it could complement a course taught by your university faculty.

If you would like to offer a discipline-specific course, your university may be able to provide a syllabus. ISA’s Academic Affairs staff can work with the host university to create new, custom content. In some cases, such as the example highlighted below, the custom course could be added to ISA’s standard program offerings. This collaboration is beneficial for your university because it reduces the minimum number of students needed for the program to run.

International perspective for your discipline

You may also want to draft a syllabus or co-teach with a local professor for a unique course offering. Some professors have used this model to offer advanced language content courses, or specialized comparative instruction. ISA is happy to collaborate with you in development of this course, or you can retain complete academic control of the curriculum.


Program Example