enroll at host universities

ISA partners with schools that are accredited or recognized by a legitimate accrediting agency, a higher education association, the Holy See (for pontifical schools), or other authoritative body such as a host country's Ministry of Education.

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By offering students the choice of over 50 academic institutions throughout the world, ISA gives them the ability select from an extraordinary range of academic settings, campus cultures, and extracurricular resources. Common to all of ISA's host institutions is a commitment to academic excellence and learning beyond the classroom.

Official transcript provided

When a student completes an ISA program, an academic transcript will be issued to ISA by the host institution. ISA will then process it, retain a copy for our permanent records and forward the original transcript to your university. The original transcript is accompanied by a letter of explanation which lists the translated courses the student took, contact hours for each course, and recommended grade equivalencies. A photocopy of the transcript will also be sent to the student's permanent address.


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