Dr. Clifton Ellis
Architecture in Paris
Texas Tech University

"I would recommend ISA to any faculty member who leads students abroad. Using ISA services allowed me to concentrate on my primary duty, which is of course teaching. One of the best services that ISA can provide is peace of mind — knowing that I can have assistance in a matter of minutes with any emergency or problem we might encounter; the ISA support network is extensive and on call 24/7. ISA staff, both stateside and abroad, are friendly, flexible, and very concerned with helping us meet our pedagogical goals."

Dr. José Luis Suárez-García
Spanish Language & Culture in Granada
Colorado State University

"I have worked with ISA for the last ten years with a summer program in Spain. ISA is like a great family, they care about every student they have, they care about each other and they make sure that all students have the best possible academic and personal experience studying abroad."

Dr. Joe Pasquale
Mathematics in Rome
University of California, San Diego

"To future faculty I would say: Teaching a study-abroad class is probably the most fulfilling and rewarding educational activity you will ever have, given the unique academic and cultural life-changing experiences you are making possible for your students. However, it is a lot of work, especially in that there are so many complex logistical issues (both at home and in the foreign country) that must be dealt with beyond the normal academic ones. Having a professional organization that knows how to manage these issues is critical, and I cannot imagine a better partner than ISA, having now worked with them for many years."

Dr. John Romeiser
French Language & Culture in Paris
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"We have been working with ISA on our customized Paris program for almost eight years now. Throughout our association, I have continued to be impressed by their high standards, professionalism, and readiness to respond to our requests and needs."


Dr. William Nichols
Spanish Language & Culture
St. Edward's University

"ISA is an extremely professional organization with excellent support staff in-country and in the States. The ISA staff in Sevilla is simply the best anywhere."

Dr. Markus Cruse
Urban Imagination in 19th Century Paris
Arizona State University

 "ISA has been superlative in every way.  The staff in the U.S. is professional, experienced, and organized; the staff in Paris is all of that, and devoted to ensuring that students have the best time abroad possible. With ISA, instructors can focus on teaching and activities, confident that their students have 24-hour support. I have worked in study abroad for fourteen years, and the ISA office in Paris is one of the best I have ever encountered. I can't recommend ISA more highly."

Dr. Leigh Browning
Sports Branding & Media Marketing in London
West Texas A&M University

"The Austin office was my lifesaver! They were prompt and patient. I could not have done this without them! The on-site staff was there when we arrived and continued to provide on-site service for the entire trip. They connected with our group, provided excellent support and were critical to our experience abroad. I highly recommend them for any study abroad experience."

Dr. Jack Sterrett
International Business in Paris and London
Emporia State University

"I appreciate the opportunity to work with ISA as they were most accommodating and willing to work with me according to my program objectives and what it was that I was specifically wanting to accomplish with my students."